Our founding team has over 20 years experience on the ground working with farmers in South and Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and the United States, buying product from them for physical trading and also working with them on sustainable planting to increase yield.

Our investments have always focused on impact first and returns second. This has allowed us to gain the trust of the farmers. We engage the women farmers as well as the men. Our database of over five million small farmers is a testament to our support and reach throughout the industry.

Our objective is to bring the small rural farmer into the digital age. In doing so, we can monitor their crop yield, and thereby offer micro-loans as needed for equipment and fertilizer, and provide low-cost financial products for the security of their crops, farms and families. As we are already the guaranteed crop buyer, it eases and assures repayment by deduction from purchase.

We call our program FinFarm, and its impact on the underserved is paramount to our mission. In return for helping to uplift the farmer, we ask only for a small percentage of their crop, far less than the amount of added yield we create for them. This small portion of food is sent through our expansive distribution network along with the wholesale food, but is free of middlemen and markets. It goes directly from the farm to the refugee camps, drought zones and other identified areas of malnutrition.

This is the Saba plan for building a worldwide network of free base-level nutrition that will eradicate hunger once and for all on planet earth. It will cost us nothing, because it will bring to the mouths of the hungry only some of the increases in yield we create. And that’s all it will take to feed them. Everyone wins; everyone is included; everyone is fed and happy.

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